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January 29, 2015, 06:18:10 AM

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 on: January 14, 2015, 11:35:07 AM 
Started by baytonemus - Last post by baytonemus
I have a website and store that is hosted by Miva Merchant. On one of the non-store pages I have a search engine/form that accesses my FM database hosted by MacUSA. I used FMStudio to write the PHP for the form. I haven't touched it in a very long time.

All of a sudden, the search page/form can't connect to the database. It's throwing an 802 error. MacUSA says that they're running FM Server v.11, so this theoretically eliminates the possibility of some known v.12 issue??? FYI, the file itself is .fp7

Predictably, MacUSA believes the problem is on Miva's end and vise versa. I do believe that both have put some effort into trying to trace the issue down. I'm posting here to see if there might be anything relating to the FileMaker.php file needing an update, etc. Any input would be appreciated.

In the interest of full disclosure, I have very limited PHP skills and no real experience with server operations. That always puts me at a disadvantage in this sort of situation. Thanks.

 on: January 10, 2015, 10:35:20 AM 
Started by cooldude - Last post by jmrusch
If you're using FM Studio, it probably generates code with these three lines as part of a find query:

$appl_result = $appl_find->execute();

if(FileMaker::isError($appl_result)) fmsTrapError($appl_result,"error.php");

$appl_row = current($appl_result->getRecords());

As best as I've been able to figure out, $appl_result represents an array of all the records returned by the find query, and you'd use it if you do a foreach loop over each record, like this:

<?php foreach($appl_result->getRecords() as $appl_row) {

But if you have the code from the first three lines, above, then you already have an $appl_row object, which is an array of the foundset's first record's data. You would access the data the same way as you would within the foreach loop:

$data = $appl_row->getField('fieldname') ;

If you need to edit that first record's data, you can get its record id by doing:

$recId = $appl_row->getRecordId() ;


 on: January 09, 2015, 11:35:30 AM 
Started by PhanMan - Last post by PhanMan
thanks webko that worked!!!

 on: January 08, 2015, 01:36:11 PM 
Started by cooldude - Last post by webko
Make the size of the found set 1, or do a foreach that only allows 1 loop.

 on: January 08, 2015, 01:35:33 PM 
Started by PhanMan - Last post by webko
In the database...

I will assume each request has a Status - our system has Lodged, In Progress, Require Client Action and Closed. Let's say we decide that In Progress is the Open field - we create a clac field in the Requests table

CountOpen: If (Status = "In Progress"; 1; "")

From the Tech database, through the relationship, you can sum this with with a calc field:

OpenRequests: Sum (TechToRequests::CountOpen)

On the web, you can just perform a Find with the Tech's ID and the Status into the Requests table...

 on: January 08, 2015, 09:54:17 AM 
Started by cooldude - Last post by cooldude
Hi all,

1 - I do a query for multi records - and sort a certain way

2 - then I need to perform an auto edit on the first found record in the result (no user interaction)

3 - more from there...

How do I do part 2 with no user interaction?

 on: January 07, 2015, 04:38:35 PM 
Started by PhanMan - Last post by PhanMan
how would i calculate only "open" request for each tech? 

 on: January 05, 2015, 02:51:57 PM 
Started by PhanMan - Last post by webko
If this is for the database... I would have a structure like

Techs -< Requests

Then in the Techs table you can have a calc on each tech record to tell you this information



 on: December 30, 2014, 02:55:13 PM 
Started by PhanMan - Last post by PhanMan
I have a help request database that 5 techs manage.  I am trying to create a field or self join table to calculate the number of request handled by each Tech. 

I would like a field for total of request that a tech has closed. A field that calculated open status request that a tech has.  thanks in advance.

 on: December 30, 2014, 12:05:47 PM 
Started by PhanMan - Last post by PhanMan
Thank Your Julie!!! that worked perfect!!!

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