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This version of FMStudio Pro is compatible with Dreamweaver CS5, CS5.5, CS6 and CC

fmstudio pro

compatible withCompatible with:
Dreamweaver CS5, CS5.5, CS6 and CC

*FileMaker Server 7 - 13

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Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015

The latest version of Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015 is not supported due to the Extension Manager being discontinued. You can install the extension using their command line tool (Adobe instructions), but this is not supported at this time.

FileMaker Server 12 and above Users

If you are using FileMaker Server 12 and above, make sure you update your FMStudio Pro plug-in to the latest version, FMStudio Pro 1.1.4 (released 7/29/2013).

If you need assistance locating your download information, please contact support at

FMStudio Pro - Single User


Dreamweaver plug-in for creating web sites with FileMaker and PHP

Module Collection Special $89 ($170)

FMStudio Pro is a Dreamweaver extension that enables you connect your FileMaker database to your web site using Dreamweaver. This allows you to create dynamic database driven web sites with FileMaker and PHP. FMStudio Pro creates a live connection within Dreamweaver so that that you can see your FileMaker data inside Dreamweaver as you build your site.

You can drag and drop fields, work with portals, value lists, scripts and more. You simply select a FileMaker table, and drag the fields you want right into the Dreamweaver work area.

Since it is a LIVE connection to FileMaker, you can view how your pages will look populated with actual data from FileMaker as you create them. FMStudio Pro writes ALL of the code for you.

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Portal Wizard
Value Lists
Live Fields and Ajax

Connect to database Live Connection with the Database
Database connections are setup within Dreamweaver so that you have access to all available layouts, portals, fields and value lists while you are creating and testing your web pages. Database elements are added to your web pages by using either drag and drop features or FMStudio's built-in wizards.

Value Lists Value Lists
Integrate FileMaker value lists into your forms for adding and editing records in your FileMaker database.

Portals Portals
View portal records and edit portal records using FMStudio Pro's Editable Portal Table Wizard, to make managing portal records easy.
Scripts Scripts
Initiate web compatible FileMaker scripts, with options for pre-command, post-command, pre-sort and optional parameters.
Custom Logins

Custom logins
Multiple login options, including FileMaker account logins and table based logins