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FMStudio Upload Module
**This does not include FMStudio
Delivery Format: download
 Compatible With:  
FileMaker Server 7 Advanced
FileMaker Server 8 Advanced
FileMaker Server 9 - 11
IIS or Apache


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Please Note: This Module requires FMStudio 1.6.0.

FMStudio Upload Special $29.99

FMStudio Upload is a Dreamweaver module that enables you to quickly and easily add upload capabilities to your website. Visitors to your site can simply "select" the upload link, navigate to a file on their computer, and simply upload it to a specified folder on your server.

The upload Module installs in seconds, and takes only minutes to add to your web pages. FMStudio Upload is amazingly easy to use, simply answer a few questions using our wizard, and all of the code is simply written for you, along with dynamic upload links!

Visitors to your site will be able to quickly and easily upload files to a folder you specify on your web server!
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FMStudio Upload is just one of the many modules that FMWebschool has created to work with FMStudio. Click here to see all of our modules.

FMStudio Upload Features and Benefits
Easy Set-up, Installs in minutes
Easily select the target location for the uploaded file within Dreamweaver
Simply add three fields to your FileMaker database. The Upload module will automatically store the correct information there
Simple filtering of uploaded files by file extension
Uploaded files are automatically protected from common server side execution attacks
Reference your files easily within the web viewer or on your FMStudio pages
Limit uploaded files to a specific file size

Add the power of FileMaker Uploading to your web solutions with the FMStudio Upload Module!